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(( Sorry I'm not on here as much as I used to! vnv" ))

•Anywhere But Here: One muse trying to contact the other.

•Bruised and Scarred: One muse losing the other.

•If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?: Our muses fighting.

•In My Head: Our muses meeting in a club.

•Jamie All Over: One muse has a dream about the other.

•Kids in Love: Our muses falling in love as teenagers.

•Last Night For a Table of Two: One muse trying to cheer the other up.

•Miserable at Best: One muse missing the other.

•Oh Well, Oh Well: Our muses parting on bad terms.

•The Silence: One muse has a nightmare.

•Stay: One muse trying to convince the other to not leave them.

•When I Get Home, You're So Dead: One muse making the other cry.

•My Give a Damn's Busted: Once character pushes the other a bit too far.

•Rain Is A Good Thing: Our muses get caught in a rainstorm.

•Angels in Everything: One muse falls in love with the other, despite having been hurt in the past.

•Beaten down: Your muse walks in on mine laying in bed shirtless and has bruises, open wounds and gashes all over them and hasn't been heard from all day. How does yours react?

•Does not want it: My character is getting sexually harassed. How does your act?

•Chained up: Muse will find themselves bound by chains. They can either have a savior or a torturer.

•He Loves You: One character is trapped in a bad relationship and the other must convince him/her to break it off and save themselves.

•Party Rock: Our characters getting drunk together.

•Primadonna: One muse spoiling the other.

•Teen Idle: One muse admits to the other that they aren't as happy as they appear.

•Splash!: Wet hair, transparent underwear; our muses are chasing each other around in the park, eventually in a collision of ankles they are soaked to the bone in a public fountain...not a good day to wear white.
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Feliciano Vargas
Caio~! ^_^ I'm-a Italy Veneziano. My closest friends are Japan and Germany; A long while back we were-a called the Axis Powers and now we're apart of the-a G8! My Grandpa Rome was The Roman Empire but then he got too big and-a crumpled :'(. So I was-a sent to live with Mr. Austria and Ms. Hungary (since we were-a part of the Holy Roman Empire) and my big brother, Italy Romano (or-a simply Romano), went to live with our big brother Spain.

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I am-a the Roman Empire's-a grandson, little brother to-a France, Spain, and-a Romano, and big brother to Seborga! ^_^

((RP'd by AnimeYoshiGirl Come check us out at hetaliaworldseriesrp.deviantar… rules and regulations up front! =D))

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"Happy birthday to me..."
Thanks for the +fav
velvetblaid Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Grazie for the fave Hug 

Veneziano, hello, are you here?


*light taps on his door*

*opens door* Ciao~ =7=

Oh, there you are...ahem.

*clasps his hands in front of him*

*wrings them together with a coy smile* Ciao, I hope I am not disturbing you Veneziano.

:iconhwsrp-northitaly: not at all! *not sure what's happening, but is somewhat nervous*
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(( Thank you for the watch!)) 
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